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What is Judo?


Meaning “The Gentle Way”, judo is a martial art that emphasizes

using your opponent’s balance and momentum against them in order to achieve powerful throws with a minimum of effort. Unlike many martial arts, the techniques of judo have been developed so that they can be used with full speed and force without injury. Because of this, judo has become the world’s most widely practiced martial art, practiced in well over 100 nations. In fact, the only sport that is more widespread worldwide than judo is soccer. It is safe and fun, great outlet and activity for healthy development.


The origin of judo dates back to 1882 when Dr. Jigoro Kano mastered classical jujitsu. Kano, a small man, felt that size should be no obstacle for a fight, and worked to develop a style where a small man could easily defeat a larger man through skill and technique. Throw by throw, Kano developed what is now judo. Kano started with 9 students and 12 mats, and 125 years later, judo is practiced around the world and has been an Olympic event since 1964.

All kinds of people, both male and female, practice judo. The twice a week program here at Sunny’s Martial Arts club is boys only program for students ages 6-15. The program will meet after school: Group 1: Tu / Thu from 4:30-5:30 (6-11 yr olds) & Group 2: Tu / Thu 5:30- 6:30 (11-15 yr old).

Some students come in order to learn self-defense, some compete at the local and national level, and others just come for the fun of it. No grappling or martial arts background is needed to succeed, though people who have participated in wrestling or jujitsu in the past tend to have a good base from which to build their judo skills.



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Written By Sensei Marius


1. Self defense - One of the main reasons why someone will sign up for any martial art is the aspect of self defense. In Judo, a student will develop reflexes that will help him face with confidence any situation he might find himself in.

2. Self- confidence - Being able to stand his ground and defend himself a student will be able to gauge the power and the control that he has over his body and his mind. Self-confidence gained in Judo will translate in other aspects of a person's life. Self-confidence does not mean looking for a fight. Self-confidence means understanding when to exercise restrain.

3. Exercise - A large portion of the training is dedicated to developing and increasing muscle strength and endurance. Children that are exposed to the Judo routines of warming up, stretching, rolling, jumping, crunches, push-ups  etc., will attain a body that is developing in a balanced way.

4. Respect - In a Dojo there are certain routines that are respected to the minute detail. From the proper way of entering the Dojo, to bowing, to drills, to packing and unpacking the uniforms, to moving while on the mat, everything is routine, and the routine has to be respected. The entire culture of Judo is based on respecting the norms that were started in Japan and have been passed on through generation. A child will learn to respect his own work as well as the work of his peers.

5. Control - Judo is not a brutal sport. In Judo a child will learn AWARENESS ( with regards to his position, balance, mental state) , ANTICIPATION ( understanding the limited spectrum of action the opponent has) , PATIENCE ( not rushing into situation that might be detrimental), ACTION ( taking decisive action with the right intensity at the right moment).

6. Self- Achievement - Being in team sports the student will learn to be a team player, which is an essential part of the development of an individual, in Judo the student understands that achieving success depends solely on himself. Developing strategies that he can apply with positive results will create the pathway to being a leader rather than a follower.

7.  A rewards system that promotes further achievements  - Belts are a great ways of tracking progress and motivating the student to strive for a higher level. The belt system creates a great outline for what is to come in the students life while at the dojo. While the first white belt can be awarded within weeks, and reflects the students motivation, black belts take years of practice and refinement and show that perseverance will distinguish the student from those that lacked the motivation and perseverance. Many students confess that their academic success or work achievements and performance stems from the principles of perseverance learned in training.

8. Competition - Once the student becomes proficient in techniques and Randori ( fighting) he could participate in competitions. Our system of training has something that most of Judo Schools lack. We focus on both "perfect form" ( meaning techniques that are done correctly to the minute detail, in contrast to sloppy and " dirty" ways) as well as competition geared ( learning the ins and outs of winning under the pressure that comes up with competing). Our process of training increases the chances for success in competitions.  

9. Japanese culture - Everything about Judo is in Japanese: the salutes, counting, the names of the techniques, the competition jargon. Along with learning Judo the student will learn basic Japanese. There are over 200 Japanese words that are routinely used during Judo training sessions.  Equipped with the basic language skills many students could go on on perfecting their Japanese without major difficulties.

10. Connect with inner power that resides inside ourselves. Maybe the most important benefit of learning Judo is the ability of the student to tap into the infinite amount of power and energy that exists inside their mind. Yes it is important to have strong bodies, but the main driver behind any success is the inner strength. Every person has this strength available to them, yet a Judoka learns very early how to tap into and utilize this most precious gift that has been bestowed upon us.

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