"Sunny is an inspiration. She is always so upbeat, kind, considerate and helpful. It has been so fun exercising with her and it's truly amazing what she has achieved in the fitness world."

​- J.Z.


"Sunny's unique blend of kind encouragement followed by a swift kick (with a smile) is such a gift. My son not only gained skills, but also confidence, self control, dedication and grit through Taekwondo."

- S.G.

"Sunny helps build our kid's self-esteem and ethics as well as their bodies. We are so grateful"

- R.K.

"Sunny's class taught me basic self defense tactics that I could use in many different situations, if I was in danger. I came to the class with no knowledge of how to defend myself, and in four short classes, I left feeling that I would have the confidence and the know-how to defend myself. The moves are not difficult, and do not even take a lot of strength. This is only one of the reasons that this class was so beneficial to me. Not only did I learn specific moves to physically protect myself but I also learned to verbally acknowledge that I may be put into a compromising position, but that I have the will and the strength to defend myself. Sunny taught me life skills that I wish I had learned many years ago. I am grateful to Sunny for arming me with skills that I can use, and the confidence to use them. Sunny has an incredible breadth of knowledge, a strong sense of self, and an amazing way of sharing this knowledge with others. I recommend her classes very highly, and look forward to learning more from her in the future."
- L.G.

"I highly recommend Sunny’s self defense class! Besides for being fun and a great workout, it’s empowering! You learn to voice your feelings with confidence! I definitely use the tools I learned in other areas of my life. It gave me the confidence to take public transit without being scared because if anything happened I would know what to do. I absolutely loved the class!"
- D.L.

"This was a really awesome course! I learned a lot from it and always left the studio feeling invigorated and powerful."
- E.M.

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