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Sunny Levi is a sixth-degree black belt who has been involved in tae kwon do for 30 years. She is a certified personal fitness trainer and a certified group fitness instructor who has been teaching classes for over 15 years. Her experience in taekwondo competitions has earned her a long list of skill-based awards and trophies at state, national and international levels.

Sunny is passionate about teaching character development through martial arts, which she has personally experienced as a great vehicle for improving character and discipline. 

Sunny was born and raised in Chicago, where she lives with her husband Daniel and their six kids. Sunny trains her own kids, including her daughter Eden, who is a third-degree black belt. 

Josh Willner


Josh Willner is an expert self defense trainer and certified Krav Maga instructor. He received his ICCS Krav Maga certifications after training for 5 years in Israel under Head Instructor Sharir Richman. Under Richman, Josh learned Krav Maga as well as how to teach to others. He led Richman's classes 3 times a week and had the privilege to train with various special forces groups from all over the world including US Special Forces, German Elite Special Forces, Israeli Elite Special Forces Units and the Israeli Special Police.

Josh has also studied Taekwondo for 2 years, MMA for 5 years and Gracie Jiu Jitsu for 6 years.

Josh's goal is to enable anyone who takes his class to be able to handle themselves in any situation where self defense is needed. His approach is "practice makes permanent" and his program uses only simple techniques to teach you how to spot suspicious behavior and how to avoid conflict.



Joe Arden has been doing yoga since 2004. Prior to yoga, Joe's practice was primarily sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer. Needless to say, his first yoga class was an eye-opener. He has explored several schools of Hatha Yoga including Forrest, Yin, and Iyengar. Joe finished his 200 hour yoga teacher certification at Bloom Yoga Studio in June 2016.


Joe’s class puts an emphasis on safety, breath and alignment as the foundation to a healthy yoga practice.


Joe is married and has three daughters. In his free time, he can be found hiking, in the garden or strumming a guitar.



Sensei Radu has been studying Judo since the age of 5. He shares, “My father took me to the one Dojo in town where I met my first Sensei, Reisfeld Nicolae. He was a very kind and powerful Sensei; he never raised his voice, but had a very commanding presence. From early on I understood how Judo could help develop a strong mind and body. I started competition at age 6 in the 26 kilo division. I competed up to the national level in Romania.”


“When settled in the US, I began training again under Sensei Yoshinaga, who is an eighth degree black belt, one of the most advance Judoka in the United States. Despite my experience, I was a white belt again. After years of intense training, I received my black belt under his instruction in 2015.”


“I enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to spread Judo. It’s really great to be able to help people get in shape in a comprehensive way and strengthen their mind and spirit.”


“The merits of Judo are many: developing a good set of values, building self-discipline, inner power & strength, correct kinetics, self-defense and much more. Judo teaches many important life skills including how to deal with stress, conquer our anxieties and fears, and how to believe in oneself.”



Daniel Levi, also known as the "mister of the master" (Master Sunny's husband), helps with administration and operations when he is not busy with his own life coaching and counseling practice in Lincolnwood. The Integrative Counseling Center (which shares the same space as Sunny's Martial Arts & Fitness!) provides counseling for individuals, couples and families.

While he certainly isn't a black belt in martial arts, he has been avidly studying Mind Martial Arts, Meditation and more!

To learn more about the Integrative Counseling Center and all its services, click here!

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