Taekwondo CLasses

Women & GIrls

Girls - Ages 6-12

Sun 9:30-10:15am

Instructor: Master Sunny Levi

A class for girls ages 6-12 to improve your skills and learn new ones!

1st-5th Grade Torah Day School Girls

Mon 3:35-4:20pm

Instructor: Master Sunny Levi

A traditional Taekwondo class led by Master Sunny Levi for 1st-5th grade girl students of Torah Day School! Students will learn to defend themselves as well as increase flexibility, strength, balance and awareness. Boost your confidence and self control and improve focus and discipline all while having a great time!

(*This class will take place at Phoenix Torah Day School)

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Men & Boys

Boys - Ages 6-12

Sun 10:30am-11:15pm

​Instructor: Master Sunny Levi

A class for boys ages 6-12 where you'll learn all the skills necessary to be a master!

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Tiny Tigers

Boys & Girls (ages 3-5)

Sun 9:00-9:30am

​Instructor: Master Sunny Levi

The perfect place for boys and girls to get their start at taekwondo! Learn all the basics and have so much fun!

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