Looking for a fun and memorable way to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions? Look no further.


Sunny's Martial Arts & Fitness is now offering two unique types of parties for your kids, for an unforgettable celebration. 

Kickin' Party

At our taekwondo-themed party, kids enjoy a fun and playful taekwondo lesson where they get to kick, punch, jump and yell loudly in a controlled, safe and structured environment.


The lesson culminates with every child using their newly-learned technique to break a real wooden board! Afterwards, they can eat cake, open presents and sing songs.


Kids get something that goes way beyond fun: taking home a broken board and newly-learned technique, they are building confidence and empowerment. And that’s something to party about!


Max. number of participants: 30

Cost: $275 (includes boards for breaking)

Bring your own (kosher) food!

Gal-Pal Workout Party 

Your customized workout party for girls or women will feature your choice of high-energy kickboxing, power yoga, or a fusion of aerobics and toning.


Celebrate life by being good to your heart, your bones, and your bod! Because burning fat with friends at a fitness party sure beats shmoozing at the sweets table. L’chaim!


Max. number of participants: 20

Cost: $200

For more information...

Contact Sunny here or at 773-870-0638.

What people are saying

"Thank you for hosting our boys birthday party at your incredible new studio. You entertained and handled 30 kids, teaching the art and fun of taekwondo. They really had a blast learning the moves and of course the highlight was giving each kid the opportunity to break a board! It was amazing to see their faces and what a great prize to take home! You made it fun and they felt like real pros. Thanks again for a great evening!" - Rivkie G.

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