FAQs about the Judo Program at Sunny's 

Q:  Would my child get hurt if he gets

thrown to the ground?

A: Getting hurt from being thrown to the ground is very very very unlikely. Before any throws are performed your child will spent endless amounts of times systematically learning how to fall from any position. There are about 14 different " Ukemi"  ( fall) techniques that your child will master before learning a throwing technique. This is a very important part of Judo, that could have life saving implication in the life outside the dojo. In case of accidents your child will have reflexes how to fall on ice, from bicycles, from stairs or ladders which will give him a great advantage over someone that never practiced ukemi.

Also, we are training on special Judo mats that absorb the impact during a fall. On top of that "Tori" the person executing a throw is taught how to "break the fall" ( aiding "Uke" the person that is being thrown.


Q. My child has a medical condition. Should I let the Sensei ( instructor) know about it?

A. Absolutely yes. While Judo is open to every child, knowing of particular medical condition would help the Sensei develop a plan tailored to your child needs.


Q. How does my child advances to a higher belt?


A. After training for a period of time your child will have to pass a belt exam. It is up to Sensei to determine if your child is ready for its next belt exam. Usually the white belt could be achieved within few weeks. To pass the white belt the student has to prove that he learned how to move correctly ( Tai Sabaki), it can do basic Ukemi ( falls), can roll back and forth, and theoretically understands some basic principles. To achieve yellow belt level your student will have to show understanding of what are the components of each throw as well as executing a number of techniques from the 1st Kyo ( set of throws). There are stripes, emblems etc , all designed to motivate your child to strive for higher.


Q. What kind of uniform would my child have to wear during training?

A. The Judo uniforms are called Judogi. Based of the level of where your child is we recommend different types of Judogi. A basic inexpensive Judogi is recommended in the begging. As your child advances and learns Judo more durable and sophisticated Judogi are recommended. After signing up measurements and instruction on purchasing will be made available on a case by case basis.

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